Cupping Therapy Alpharetta

Cupping therapy is an ancient healing treatment in which special cups are placed on your skin for a couple of minutes to create suction. It’s as straightforward as that. Cupping is known to get rid of stree in tissues deep inside the body, relax muscles and reduce stiffness associated with chronic pain. Some athletes have been known to use cupping therapy to naturally improve performance, reduce toxicity, muscle cramps, joint pains and scar tissue caused by injuries or tired muscles.

“Fixed” or “Moving” Cupping therapy can stand alone or be used in combination with massage.

Benefits of Cupping Therapy:

  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Relief from back, neck, shoulder or foot pain
  • Promotes deep relaxation and well-being
  • Relief from migraine, rheumatism, and fatigue
  • De-stressing and depression relief
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Enhances metabolism
  • Increase rate of recovery from pain, illness or surgery
  • Detoxification, relief from constipation

50 mins – $119

80 mins – $149

Add-on to massage (per target area) – $30


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